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T.A.C.S. works with ALL Insurance Companies. Below is a list of common insurance companies however if your company name is not on the list we probably work with them! Give us a call at 518-462-3977 and ask to be sure!

  • 21st Century
  • Adirondack
  • AIG
  • Allstate
  • American States
  • Amica
  • Central Mutual
  • Cincinnati
  • Commerce
  • Electric
  • Encompass
  • Erie
  • Esurrance
  • Farm Family
  • Farmers
  • Geico
  • Hanover
  • Hartford
  • Kemper
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Main Street America
  • Mercury
  • Metlife
  • National Grande
  • New York Central Mutual
  • Peerless
  • Preferred Mutual
  • Progressive
  • Selective
  • State Farm
  • Travelers
  • USAA
  • Utica Mutual
  • Utica National

Direct Repair Programs

T.A.C.S. is a direct repair facility for some of the largest insurance companies in the country. This expedites the repair process by allowing our Certified Adjusters to prepare estimates for these companies directly:

  • American States
  • Hanover
  • Liberty Mutual

Taking Care of your Vehicle’s Finish

The paint finishes applied today are much more durable than those available ten or fifteen years ago. As a result, even average care can yield great, long lasting results. Be aware, however, that the more you do to preserve the appearance and lifespan of your vehicles paint, the more sales and trade-in value you will receive when it is time to purchase your next vehicle. Click here for more information.

Replacement Parts for your Vehicle

Each insurance company has specific policies regarding the types of parts used to repair the damage to your vehicle. Our Service Managers will explain to you what your insurance policy covers and what type of parts will be used on your vehicle. Click here for more information.

24 Hour Towing Service Everyday
Simply call us for assistance at: 518-462-3977

If you have any doubt about whether it is safe to drive your vehicle after an accident, always have it towed. This will avoid the chance of additional damage and the cost of the tow is generally covered under your auto insurance policy. T.A.C.S. has 24 hour towing service available, but any towing company can bring your car to our facility. Should your car be towed to an impound lot by the police, or to another facility, feel free to call us if you want your vehicle repaired by us and we will arrange the towing.

Choosing a Collision Repair Facility

For most people, a vehicle is the second largest investment you will make. It only makes sense to choose your repair shop carefully to protect your investment. The right shop will not only do excellent repair work, but they will also handle your claim with your insurance provider. At T.A.C.S it is our goal to take any guess work out of your claim. We are you advocate to the insurance company and will always do what is in the best interest of you, the customer! Click for some suggestions to help you.

The Repair Process

There are many steps involved with the repair process. As a general rule, the more damage caused in the accident, the more complex the repair process is. Click the Link below to see the necessary steps for an “average” collision repair. Please keep in mind collision repair is not an exact science and because of this we are not always able to give you an exact date when your vehicle will be ready. Click here for more information on the repair process.

Consumer Rights
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Terms & Definitions
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Can I go to the repair shop of my choice?

YES! According to New York State Insurance Regulation 64 you have the right to go to the repair shop of your choice. Your insurance company cannot dictate the facility where you repair your vehicle.  They may suggest certain repair shops on their program however you have the final say in where you have your vehicle repaired!

Will it cost more to have my vehicle repaired at T.A.C.S.?

No. We use a standardized system for all of our estimates called CCC ONE. This is used by the majority of collision repair shops and insurance companies.

Do I have to get multiple estimates?

No. It is within your rights to select the repair shop that is most convenient for you. T.A.C.S. has relationships with several insurance companies who will allow us to write the estimate for your vehicle’s damage. However, some insurance companies prefer to conduct the estimate themselves. If this is the care, the insurance company will come to T.A.C.S. To appraise your vehicle’s damage. Then, they will provide us with a copy of their estimate which is what we will refer to as we begin the repair process.

Will my new car warranty be voided depending on the repair shop I choose?

No. You are protected by law. Your manufacturer cannot void your warranty just because they did not perform the repair work.

When do I pay my deductible?

You will pay your deductible to T.A.C.S. at the time you pick up your vehicle.

Can T.A.C.S. save my deductible?

No. The deductible is an amount that is previously set by your insurance company when you purchased your policy. Before an Insurance company issues a check for the vehicle repair, they will first subtract the deductible knowing the customer is expected to pay the deductible directly to T.A.C.S. For example, if your repair costs $1,000 and your deductible is $300, you will receive a check from your insurance company for $700. It is then your responsibility to pay your deductible to directly to T.A.C.S .

Will my insurance rates go up if I put in a claim?

You will need to ask your insurance company directly about the impact of a claim to repair your vehicle. This can vary a great deal depending on many circumstances.

Will I have to pay for towing?

This will depend on your insurance coverage as well as the circumstances of your repairs. Our managers can explain this in detail when you speak to them.

What if I don’t know if my vehicle is safe to drive?

If you have any doubt about whether it is safe to drive your vehicle after an accident, always have it towed. This will avoid the chance of additional damage and the cost of the tow is generally covered under your auto insurance policy.

Can my car be repaired if the frame is bent?

Yes! Frame damage occurs in many accidents. Modern equipment is capable of properly repairing even badly damaged frames. We have the equipment and the technical expertise to repair frame damage.

What if there is more damage found than what the original estimate covered?

This is very common during the “Tear-down” process. If additional accident related damage is found, T.A.C.S. Service Managers will contact and work with your insurance company to have any additional damages appraised before proceeding with the repair.

Will my car be like it was before the accident?

Yes. T.A.C.S. will repair your vehicle to pre-accident conditions. This is based on all manufacturers’ specifications and recommendations.

Will the new paint match?

Yes. We use a computerized paint mixing system which uses a “V.I.N. dictator” to match your cars exact color. This code matches the new paint to the manufacturers’ original factory color.

How long will my repairs take?

The exact amount of time depends on the damage to your vehicle and the availability of parts needed. Some repairs may take as little as one day while others may take much longer.

The brothers and folks at TACs provide service and attention that earns them the loyalty of every customer. Almost anybody and repair shop can fix cars but these TACs folks care about their business, their reputation and their customers. Terrific place to go to when car troubles take over your life.

Chuck Naylor, Customer

The guys at TACS are real! They’re all super sweet, honest and just awesome people! If you’re looking for an excellent experience without any hassles this is the place for you. They did great work on my brands new vehicle and I’m happy to say I’ll be telling everyone about it.

Colleen Hasselback, Customer

This business does not just deal with cars… it deals with people. Not only does my car get fixed when I bring it there, but I get treated with respect and kindness. The prices are fair, the work they do is great, and the way they accommodate their customers is a breath of fresh air. Bring your car to TACS.

Paddy MeBoy, Customer

Not your average body/mechanic shop. These guys at TACS are honest and care about their customers. I was told from dealership that I needed all new brakes – easy sale…but they confirmed I only needed front pads. I won’t go anywhere else. I’m bringing all of my car needs to TACS – and spreading the word to friends in town. Even out of town. Very trustworthy, family business.

Emily Martin, Customer

Friendly and quick, yet incredibly thorough. I live in Clifton Park and refuse to bring my cars anywhere else. It’s my only recommendation for all of my friends who need assistance with their cars.

Alyssa Cukerstein, Customer

This is one of the best places to bring your car in the Capital District. I have been a loyal customer of theirs for a few years at this point. I came to them because I needed some body work done on my car and not only were they a pleasure to deal with, the repair was done perfectly and on time. It was easy to work with them and my insurance company. I was more than thrilled when they started to expand their business to take mechanical work as well. I brought my next car purchase to them to have them look over it before making a decision to purchase and have brought it to them for everything from oil changes, to more complex issues. The nice thing is, they are not out to get your money like most places, only once have they advised me to take my vehicle somewhere else because they did think it was in their wheelhouse (issue with transmission that was handled by the dealership). They are truly an A+ company!

Thomas Nolan, Customer

Unbelievable service. The guys at TACs are always so helpful. I pulled in 15 minutes before closing and they serviced my car right then and there. They take the time to explain everything – such as the difference between synthetic and regular motor oil and why I should be using the less expensive product for my car (based on mileage and other factors). They’ve won a lifetime customer through integrity and good intentions.

Todd Porter, Customer

Great people there. Honest. I have actually gone there more for advice or to help me with little things since I like to fix my car myself as much as I can and they have helped me in their parking lot and never charge me. If I ever did get in an accident that I couldn’t fix I would go to them for sure.

Shay McGlynn, Customer

My experiences at TACS have been great. My parents used to go to a different body shop when I was growing up… once I started going to TACS my whole family followed suit and we have all been beyond satisfied with the service. If you go into the waiting room at TACS you won’t find a single frown. The owners and employees treat everyone with so much respect and professionalism that it fills the shop with positivity. If you take your car TACS, you will find yourself smiling, too.

Patrick Farley, Customer